Types of Hearing Aids

The essence of modern hearing aids is the hearing technology and software computing the mass volume of audio signals. It determines the quality of speech recognition and the effectiveness of noise reduction.

There is a vast range of hearing aids available. Generally speaking, they can be categorized as wired and wireless as follows:

Wired Hearing Aid

Wired Hearing Aid

Body Worn Hearing Devices:

These consist of a small box containing the hearing aid electronics and microphone. The box is connected by a lead to earphone, which delivers sound directly into your ear.​

 Wireless Hearing Aid

Wireless hearing aid can be subdivided into three major types. They are:

BTE Hearing Aids

1. BTE (Behind The Ear) Hearing Aids: ​

These devices are worn with the hearing aid on top of and behind the ear. All of the parts are in the case at the back of the ear, and they are joined to the ear canal with a sound tube and a custom ear mold.​

ITE Hearing Aids

2. ITE (In The Ear) Hearing Aids:

These are devices with all of the electronic parts sit in a device that fits in your ear.

3. RIC (Receiver In Canal) Hearing Aids:

These devices are similar in concept to BTE hearing aids, with the exception that the receiver (the speaker) has been removed from the case that sits at the back of the ear. It is fitted in your ear canal and connected to the case of the hearing aid with a thin wire.