Steps to Choose Hearing Aids

Hearing aid is an essential solution to people with hard of hearing. It can treat and improve hearing loss just like eye glasses can improve the vision. New generation hearing aids distinguish themselves from conventional hearing aids and go beyond even the high-end digital hearing aids, as reflected in its high sound quality and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), giving users much more natural hearing experience.

There are many hearing aids in the market with wide variety of price and quality. Users may have lots of questions such as:

  • Is the hearing aid programmable?

  • How to select the best hearing aid?

  • Which hearing aid would be best for me?

  • Is there best hearing aid for music?

Steps below can serve as guidance when selecting hearing aids:

H – Hi-Fi

Users usually hear distorted, machine-like sound from conventional hearing aid. Details and layers are lost during the processing, turning the sound flat and machine like.

EasyHear Founder and Chief Engineer is a Hi-Fi lover so he has a high standard for sound quality. Powered by top notch signal processing and stratifying technology, EasyHear users not only hear but can enjoy delightful sounds like music and sea waves.

heart ease of hearing
E – Ease of Wearing

Due to poor noise cancellation and sound quality, conventional hearing aid wearers have to concentrate hard in order to grasp the messages, causing stress when wearing for long time.

With proprietary and award-winning 5G Beamforming and noise cancellation technology, EasyHear users enjoy extended comfort and effortless hearing even in noisy environment

360 sound recognition
A – All Rounded 360ᵒ

Conventional hearing aids usually fail to capture sound signals of all directions and distance. This may affect user experience, possibly missing sound signal from the back.

EasyHear point-to-point focused sound collection and hi-tech microphone can effectively receive 360 degree and long range sound signals. Users can therefore hear the entire soundscape with high integrity.

R – Reduce Noise

“Noise” is a common complaint raised by conventional hearing aid users. Hearing loss if left untreated will cause unnecessary miscommunication in daily life. Ear cells and nerve need the stimulation from sound in order to stay active.

EasyHear award-winning 5G Beamforming technology has achieved exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. With EasyHear, users can now interact in conversations even in challenging environment.

S – Speech

Besides loudness, speech also comprises of tone and pitch to deliver the intended content and emotion. For normal hearing person, audibility in noisy environment may be achieved by increasing volume. People with hearing loss require a more sophisticated solution rather than just amplifying noise embedded sound.

Besides top edge noise cancellation technology, EasyHear is also equipped with A.I. human voice tracing and ultra-fine sound stratifier which enables users to effortlessly reconnect to the acoustic world.