February 22, 2018 EasyHear Total Communicator Model TC

EasyHear Total Communicator Model TC

  • Built with twin-microphone 5G Beamforming technology and Frequency-Domain Noise Cancellation Algorithm to enable crystal-clear tone reception by filtering unwanted background noise by at least 4 to 6 decibels.
  • Reduce extraneous noise by 60% to 70% in loud settings like crowded restaurants, allowing users to easily and clearly focus on desired sound, such as one-on-one conversations with others.
  • Enable users to adjust their sound preferences and save frequently-used profiles through its four band equalizer to switch effortlessly between different sound environments, such as concert, office and home.
  • Easy to use and carry with its pocket-sized control device with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in FM radio
  • Enable users to receive calls and listen to their favorite music and broadcasts anywhere they go!

Product Features

  Patented 5G Beamforming Technology


  Proprietary Noise Cancellation Technology

  Multi-Band Equalizer with Four Memories

  A2DP Stereo Bluetooth

  Stereo Soundtrack Playback

  Built-in FM Radio

  Independent Left and Right Volume Controls

  Proprietary Noise Insulation Earphones

  Intelligent Automatic Gain Control


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