February 22, 2018 EasyHear Grand Model G

EasyHear Grand Model G

  • 2nd generation of EasyHear brand hearing device.
  • With the unique and patented 5G Beamforming technology, Grand can suppress the unwanted noise signal up to 87%.
  • Allow users, as well as their family members, to perform hearing tests themselves anytime, anywhere. The hearing test results can be stored in the device.
  • Calibration of volume output and equalizer setting is auto adjusted, without the need for user to keep going back to the hearing center for fine tuning.
  • Built-in “soothing tinnitus” program which can minimize tinnitus and maximize user comfort.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows the device to pair with mobile phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices and appliances such as TV sets.
  • Enable users to make calls to their friends and families, and enjoy music and other multi-media programs.
  • Built-in FM radio allows users to listen to radio programs and re-connect with the world in air.


Product Features

  Patented 5G Beamforming Technology

  Proprietary Noise Cancellation Technology

  Built-in Hearing Test

  Auto Calibration

  Tinnitus Therapy

  Multi-Band Equalizer with Four Memories

  Intelligent Automatic Gain Control

  Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 Module

  Stereo Soundtrack Playback

  Built-in FM Radio

  Independent Left and Right Volume Controls

  Proprietary Noise Insulation Earphones


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