August 26, 2019 EasyHear 5 Elements BTE

EasyHear 5 Elements BTE

In Chinese culture, the nature is made up of five elements: Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, forming a balanced system. Hearing loss causes imbalance to the life of the hard of hearing and we believe our Five Elements BTE (Behind-The-Ear) will help restore the balance and make life complete.

Our BTE is designed to serve full range hearing loss from mild to profound up to 130 dB. The hard of hearing can communicate comfortably with others in daily conversation with no complaints on irritating noise.

With the built-in 5G Beamforming Hearing Technology, unwanted noise can be further suppressed when two BTEs are paired.

Top-of-the-line models are equipped with twin microphones and built-in tinnitus therapy. Their powerful digital signal processors can accommodate a large number of calculations to reproduce the natural sound as much as possible to ensure excellent sound reception of not just human voice but also music.


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