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Hazzele Acosta is a 6-year-old girl with congenital hearing loss of unknown etiology. Her elder sister Evelyn Acosta is glad to share with us that she witnesses the improvement of Hazzele in learning and speech development after wearing the EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aids.

“Hi, this is Evelyn Acosta, sister of Hazzele. We found my little sister had loss in hearing and because of that we were worried that she could not speak also. Last November 2019 we brought Hazzele to ENT doctor in PGH. After performing the hearing test, they diagnosed Hazzele had severe hearing loss and they referred us to NuGen (EasyHear Philippines). NuGen hearing healthcare professional performed some test for Hazzele and luckily she responded.

In December 2019, we purchased one 5G Beamforming hearing aid (BTE series) for Hazzele. We noticed her significant changes. She became more responsive when we called her name and she could speak like ‘Papa’, while she couldn’t before. Because of that good outcome and fast development of my sister, my family decided to purchase again another EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aid for her left ear.

Last February 2020, we purchased one more EasyHear for her left ear. I am surprised that it gives her much more improvements. As of now, she can follow what we are saying like ‘A, B ,C, D’, some words like ‘BABAE, LALAKE, LOLO, LOLA’ and the names of her playmates. Despite this pandemic, my mother always teaches her how to read and speak, and luckily Hazzele is very interested in learning. Thanks to Almighty God for hearing our prayer to Hazzele that she can speak someday. Thanks to EasyHear Philippines for becoming an instrument to my little sister. We are looking forward to her continuous improvement. As sister of Hazzele, I am so happy to see my little sister improve day after day. Thank you EasyHear Philippines. More Power! May you give more hopes to those people who have difficulties in hearing.”

We are pleased that our 5G Beamforming hearing aids can help Hazzele hear and speak, which is very important for children to develop their speech, school education and healthy social life when they are young.

Thanks to Ms Evelyn Acosta. We deeply appreciate that we could participate in her joyful sharing.

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