Founder’s Story

The founder of EasyHear brand, Danny Cheung was an IT elite who gave up his high paying job and sold 3 of his properties to fund the research and development of new technology to help his mother who has hearing problems.

Danny described his mother as an optimistic and energetic person. However, due to aging, her weakened hearing ability affected her daily life. She stayed home every day because she dared not tell people she couldn’t hear. She gradually isolated herself from all social activities.

Danny has spent a lot of money on buying different hearing aids for his mother, but after several trials, her mother gave up. Danny explained, most hearing aids on market only amplified the sound. The problem was that when it amplified the human voice, the background noise was also amplified, making it hard to hear clearly. In the past decades, there have not been any technological breakthroughs on hearing aids. This was because the market was dominated by a few producers. Users had few choices even when the prices of hearing aids were high.

How could a son bear seeing his mother suffer everyday? Considering many elderly and deaf were also searching for the suitable hearing aid like his mother, Danny thought, why not develop it myself? Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Degree in Electronic Engineering, he had the foundation in scientific research. In 2005, he gave up his high salary as Senior Regional Manager in a multinational technology company, and even sold 3 of his properties, to spend over 10 million HK dollars to set up a research team.

Unlike ordinary businessmen, Danny did not focus on making money. He was dedicated to helping people in need. He revealed that during the research period for the first 7 years, he kept spending money without guarantee of any outcome. Finally, the efforts of the team paid off. They were successful in creating the revolutionary EasyHear hearing device with unique and patented 5G Beamforming Technology. The technological breakthrough of EasyHear was recognized worldwide by winning World Information and Technology Services Alliance Award (WITSA) in 2012.

His mother was the first user of EasyHear. She was very delighted that the hearing device could help her regain hearing ability. Now his mother resumes normal social activities, meeting friends and going out for lunch.

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