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Ma’am Natalia Talag is 85 years old with severe to profound hearing loss on both ears. She is a US citizen and lives in California with her eldest son. Her

Beatrice Javier, a 15 year old girl from Caloocan, was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears since birth. She was bullied in a public school due to her

Ma’am Bella Fulgencio, 80 years old, has moderate to severe sensorineural sloping to profound hearing loss on both ears. Ma’am Bella used to be a consultant at Mayor’s office in

Hazzele Acosta is a 6-year-old girl with congenital hearing loss of unknown etiology. Her elder sister Evelyn Acosta is glad to share with us that she witnesses the improvement of

Ako po si Patrick Sobreviga, 30 years old. Nung Grade Six ako year 1989, pumunta kami ng PGH, nag pa tingin sa isang Ophthalmologist at ang sabi meron daw akong Retinitis

Hi! Ako si Harold De Leon Viray, 32 taong gulang. Nasuri ako nang may Profound Hearing loss noong ako ay 2 taong gulang. Ako ay itinuturing na "inborn deaf" na

Mr. Tang has severe hearing loss since the age of 30. When he had to talk to people over the phone or when meeting them face-to-face, he had difficulty communicating.

Mr. Lee has severe hearing loss since childhood. Over the years, he has tried using 30 to 40 hearing aids of different brands to improve his hearing, but none of

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