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Lope Pagadura, 61 years old, has severe to profound hearing loss on both ears due to aging. When Sir Lope visited NuGen hearing center to try on EasyHear 5G Beamforming

Ms. Shannen Fernandez who has moderate hearing loss is delighted to finally have her own EasyHear Total Communicator. She is amazed by the clarity of sounds and surprised that she

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Jimboy Lanojan, aged 28, has profound hearing loss on both ears. His left ear was diagnosed as deaf ear because it had no response in hearing test. Jimboy bought five

Congrats to Angela Rica Cerbito that she got her very own EasyHear Beamformer (BF). She is happy that she can reconnect with her family and friends. Angela has profound hearing

Nigel John Isturiz has profound hearing loss. His parents were considering cochlear implant for him because no hearing aids could help him. When they heard about the innovative 5G Beamforming

Munich Canumay is an 18 year old high school student from Binondo, Manila. She has profound hearing loss on both ears since birth. She used to be bullied in school

Sir Virgilio Francisco, aged 74, experiences deterioration in hearing due to aging. This affected his participation in church activities. "As a counselor, I had to perform counselling to our church

Ma’am Natalia Talag is 85 years old with severe to profound hearing loss on both ears. She is a US citizen and lives in California with her eldest son. Her

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