What is 5G Beamforming Technology

5G Beamforming Technology

5G Beamforming is a general signal processing technique used in a sensor array, to control the directionality of the reception or transmission.

For audio signals, 5G Beamforming can be achieved by using a twin-microphone system, in such a way that a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is enhanced. With improvement of hardware over the years, the technology can now enhance wanted sound in a noisy environment, making it easier for people to communicate with others during face-to-face interaction, mobile communication, or in many other different occasions.

EasyHear is the first hearing device in the world successfully applies 5G Beamforming Technology in acoustic field to serve the need of hard of hearing so that they can recognize speech clearly in noisy environment.

EasyHear‘s unique twin-microphone focuses on the frontal +/- 30 degrees ahead of the user, and eliminates the noise outside of the frontal field up to 90% noise reduction. EasyHear models can significantly enhance speech recognition and serve full range hearing loss from mild to profound up to 130 dB, while still enabling users to enjoy crystal-clear sound and music.

Clinical Study

Press Release from The University of Hong Kong: 95% users with improved audibility

The clinical study “Self-reported benefits and satisfaction with a Beamforming body-worn hearing aid for elderly adults” by Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Hong Kong released by Professor Bradley McPherson was published on leading science journal (International Journal of Otolaryngology, Volume 2018). It was the first clinical paper on hearing device with the unique patented 5G Beamforming Hearing Technology of EasyHear.

EasyHear is the first in the world that successfully applies the theory of Beamforming in acoustic field to serve the need of the hard of hearing so that they can recognize speech clearly in noisy environment.

All EasyHear hearing devices are powered by 5G Beamforming Hearing Technology, offering superb quality and value-for-money hearing solution.

For the full article of clinical study, please download file here